Humans of Davidson College

“What makes us human? Storytelling.”

– Professor Carol Quillen

Being Human: Disciplinary Reflections Lecture on September 3rd, 2019

In the beginning of the school year, I joined the Dinner At Davidson Club. This student organization works to raise awareness and funds for the Davidson Trust. In previous years, this organization held an annual dinner on campus to encourage donations and talk about the Davidson Trust. However, this year, the group decided to create an instagram account to highlight stories from individuals on campus. This is an effort to emphasize how the Davidson Trust allows us to build a rich and diverse community of spectacular and interesting humans. In collaborating with other students, faculty and staff, I will be not only working to further the goals of the club, but I will be working to create a space where humans can share their stories and thus, share themselves with others.

I will update this page with the interviews that I personally conduct. However, I recommend reading the other interviews on the instagram page as well.